What To Consider Before Choosing A Catering Company

Choosing a catering company for any event is of massive importance. The catering of can make or break the occasion and create the best possible memories for your guests. So, finding the right company is essential. There are several things to consider before you make a decision on your catering company.

Savi Foods are a fantastic catering company for any events and provide a huge selection of menus for every client. We can always discuss your catering requirements in detail.

Menu Selection & Customisation

For any event, it is important that you set the tone with the food that is available for your guests. To ensure the right food is available, selecting a catering company with various menu options is a good start. Furthermore, having a menu that you can customise means that all food is tailored to your needs and therefore there are no problems with your final menu.

Customisation is a priority for many clients as you want this to be your event and completely personal. Choosing a standard, off the shelf menu is not always in the best interest of your event and could leave you with several unsatisfied guests experiencing the same food that is available at every corporate event.

Quality of Food

Once you have decided on your menu requirements, you must make sure your quality of food is up to scratch. It is best to have several catering companies in mind who can meet your menu requirements, to ensure each company offers the food quality you desire. Whether the company offers tasters or you try some of the food available, this is a necessary step to take.

Trying the food is one of the best ways to ensure the food is of high quality. You can also check food hygiene ratings to ensure food is hygienic and that all food provided by the catering company is safe to eat for your guests. If food is not of the right quality, you know quickly to look elsewhere.


Most events are created on a budget and this means finding a catering company that does not limit your budget elsewhere. To create the best possible event, catering is one of your main priorities. However, you must also consider the other parts of your event such as decoration, table layouts and the price of your location.

Whilst the catering company you choose may be worth the money, you must make sure you have enough budget to create an event that will last forever in your guests’ memory. If there are any extra charges for delivery or decorations, this must also be accounted for in advance. You don’t want to be left with outstanding payments after the event.

Savi’s Bakery always provide a cost-effective catering company for our clients, ensuring you have outstanding food at an affordable price.

Find Reviews & References

One of the best ways to ensure your catering company will offer a reliable service is through reviews and recommendations. If a catering company does not have any reviews online, it can be difficult to judge what experience you may receive.

Receiving recommendations from friends or family could also be ideal, however, it is important to make your own decision with a company that meets your specific needs.

Experience & Speciality Catering

Finally, you must consider the experience of the catering company you choose and whether they can deal with any speciality requirements. If you have guests attending who have certain dietary requirements, you must make sure their needs are met.

Choosing a catering company with very little experience may be successful. However, it could lead to issues if your expectations aren’t met and they don’t deal with your food requirements correctly. An experienced company who can meet the needs of all guests will always lead to a successful event.

Savi’s Bakery will make sure any nut, halal, gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian dietary requirements can be met.

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