Why Corporate Catering Makes Your Event Stand Out

savis-bakeryWhether your event is formal or has a relaxed atmosphere, corporate events should always stand out. Your food and corporate catering should always be of the highest standard. Furthermore, you must also make sure the design and layout of your event ticks all the boxes.

Savi’s Bakery provide the perfect corporate catering service for any event. With a huge selection of customisable menus, you can select the perfect mix of foods, whilst always having a stylish catering service from our team.

Why Use Corporate Catering?

The corporate catering industry is now thriving in the UK, with revenue sitting at an enormous £1 billion. The industry has gradually been growing since 2013 with a 1% growth each year. Furthermore, reports suggest corporate catering will continue growing until 2020 by up to 1.9%. However, what is it that has made the industry boom and why do you need it for your event?

There are several reasons corporate catering is being used more and more. Ultimately, great tasting and well-presented food will always rub off well with guests. Whilst this creates a good impression of the catering company, it also demonstrates you have a good perception of how to properly present a corporate event.

Even if you are working off a budget, you must appeal to all your guests. Professional corporate catering is just one of the features you should use to create the best possible event.

What Corporate Catering Companies Do

Corporate catering companies deliver top quality food at an affordable price, tailoring their style and menus directly to each client. Having unique food created for your event can really improve the standard of any corporate event, leaving guests fully satisfied.

Additionally, corporate catering can take away a lot of the stress when planning your event. Your event will have certain expectations that should be met that are important to achieve, without blowing your budget. Whilst this can be a strenuous task, corporate catering will ensure your event’s food is organised thoroughly and freshly prepared for the day of your event. With this in place, it gives you more time to focus on other aspects of the event, giving you peace of mind over food.

At Savi’s Bakery, we work closely with all our clients to organise the food you would like well in advance. Whether you are looking for breakfast food or full buffet catering for afternoon and evening events, we will always meet your needs. Fresh food is made and delivered quickly, with corporate catering for up to 300 people for any events and get-togethers.

Improvements of Corporate Catering

The services offered from the corporate catering industry have continued to improve, therefore, improving the standard of your corporate events. With yearly growth of 1%, the catering industry has demonstrated why it is such an important feature of any event. As the quality of service is now so high, more and more businesses are looking to enter the corporate sector. With this said, it gives you a range of options when choosing the food style and appearance you would like.

Although some professional catering companies can offer a steep price, which may include decoration and on-site setup, choosing the right catering option should be based on the quality and range of food you would like. Finding food that is perfect for your event and available at competitive prices, in addition to personalising your menus, will help you achieve the perfect event.

This is something Savi’s Bakery should always deliver. With free delivery on all orders over £25.00 and offering bespoke menus at affordable prices, you can depend on us for professional corporate catering.

Impressing Your Guests

The biggest factor in selecting corporate catering is that you want to impress your guests. Guests who are well fed and impressed with the quality of an event, which includes your food, will often be happier to work with your business. This has to be something you consider in the build-up to any corporate event. If you do, you will not be forgotten quickly. Sumptuous food can add to a great event and leave your guests with a fantastic memory of your business.

We can arrange for food to be delivered at any time you require. Ensuring our punctuality never lets you down, you are always prepared for the arrival of guests. You will also be able to impress your guests with mouth-watering buffets, suitable for larger events. Running out of food should never be an issue as corporate catering will meet all your demands for parties and events of any size.

Food is always remembered at an event. Whether this is a small or big part of the itinerary, it is essential to let the professionals take control.

Making Your Event Unique

To stand out, you must go above and beyond competitors, ensuring you are remembered before anyone else. Corporate catering will make your event unique and change the impression of boring, repetitive corporate events. If you are bored of going to similar corporate events that are bland and unappealing, then make sure you do not offer the same memory to your guests.

Professional catering can completely transform any event with the services and fantastic food that is available. With all food being freshly baked and delivered on time, this immediately gets your event off to the right start. Even if some guests do not enjoy the event overall, the catering can still leave them with a sweet taste in their mouth, creating a good impression of the business.

Corporate caterers have a special skill and it is not just about creating great food. With menus being adjusted, corporate caterers can help you with any event and ensure the food is perfect to match the style and atmosphere of your event.

Book Corporate Catering

If you would like to book corporate catering or want more information regarding the catering services available at Savi’s Bakery, get in touch with us today. We are always happy to provide a fast response and discuss all your catering requirements. Call us on 01926 427 888 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry today.

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